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Innovative Products


Weed Harvesters

Our weed harvesters are easy to use, and suitable for one-man-business. 

Lightning Mast

Powerful, strong and  easily moveable mobile lightning mast / tower with  joint electric generator. 


The mobile boatwasher Mobiwash cleans small and midsized boats. 

Multipurpose workboats

Multipurpose workboats lengths 7-24m made of steel or aluminum. 

Steel constructions

We manufacture different steel constructions from silos and conveyors to pipelines and platforms. Find out more  

RS-Planering LTD



We design and manufacture conveys, steel silos, automatic production lines and equipment suitable for restructuring of the environment. Our strengths are our people with different professions, our innovative designing team, and our modern techniques.

Our primary customers are the industry, shipyards and paper factories.

Companys factory production certificate according to EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 has been certified 3.7.2014 by VTT Expert Services Ltd. certificate no. 0809-CPR-1066.


RS-Planering LTD
Sinkkikuja 4
21600 Parainen Finland
Tel. +358 2 4582 500


RS-Planering LTD - Sinkkikuja 4, FIN-21600 Parainen Finland - Tel. +358 2 4582 500 - info(at)

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